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About Us

Canadian Technical Tape Ltd. is a family-owned business employing 250 people that has been manufacturing pressure sensitive tapes since 1950. We market a broad range of pressure sensitive tapes under own brands of Cantech, Tuck, Sportstape, as well as through a number of private labels. We focus our efforts in four general markets – Industrial, Construction, Retail and Athletic. Here are the principles that guide our business;


In 1950, Canadian Technical Tape began operations in Montreal as a small regional manufacturer of pressure sensitive tapes, one of the first North American companies to make the product. The company has steadily grown by expanding its manufacturing capabilities in both Canada and the United States, and by increasing its market penetration, with current sales to over 35 countries around the world.

In 1955, we moved from our first factory to a new location in the north of the city, which remains our corporate head-office and where we still produce a number of quality paper tape products.

In 1967 we opened a new facility in Cornwall, Ontario, installing a latex-saturator, equipment designed to strengthen raw crepe paper so that it can be used in a multitude of paint and industrial applications. In the following decade, we installed coating equipment that lead to the production of both carton-sealing and filament re-enforced strapping tapes. Further plant expansions continued and in 1998, we added a calendar coater to manufacture a range of cloth, duct, hockey and construction tapes. In 2006, we added a new acrylic coater for both water and solvent based adhesives, designed to produce construction and specialty tapes.

Our efforts to sell in the United States started with a small converting facility in Niagara Fall, NY. In 1983, with demand growing, we opened a new manufacturing facility in Johnson City, Tennessee and began coating hot-melt carton-sealing tapes to supply packaging markets throughout the country. Ten years later, we installed a high-speed extruder to produce polypropylene film, used in the production of these packaging tapes. In 2015, we started up a new production line to laminate and adhesive-coat filament and strapping tape products.

This ongoing re-investment into our manufacturing facilities highlights our commitment to the adhesive tape business we’re in. As well, we’ve always employed research chemists and technicians to search for new solutions to global tape challenges and to refine established products to suit the evolving needs of our customers.